The weather is nice and we all have Spring fever.  Spring is finally here and we are ready to hang out on the patio.   Here are some of the best places in Amarillo to hang out with friends on the patio and enjoy a few drinks and/or a great meal.

Joe Taco

Joe Taco has an amazing patio and some amazing drink specials.  Not only that, they have live music on the patio as well.

They have a great patio.  They are also going to be having a Party on the Patio this Spring and Summer so check out their page for more information.  Also, from what I hear their patio is pet friendly.

Hummers is a great spot to catch a game, or to just have a fun meal and a few drinks and they have a great patio. So if you are looking to relax and kick back, then try it out.

When the weather is right, then Bubba's has a great patio. The perfect place to hang out with friends or your sweethear.

The family friendly patio. This is a great place for sitting and eating outside and watching the kids play in the sandbox.

Did you know that Napoli's has a courtyard. It's kind of a hidden treasure.


Where do you go in Amarillo to hang out on the patio?

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