Amarillo Gets Yet Another New Chicken Joint
At this point, the State bird should be a chicken.
Why do we need another chicken joint? Because we didn't have this one, and Lubbock did. To add to the experience, we waited until 12 noon Saturday to go and I was not disappointed. It was slammed...
Do You Throw Cheese At Babies?
As fads go, I'm usually in. Bell-bottoms, Pet Rocks, and dabbing. I may have even planked, but I draw the line at throwing food, Especially at babies. Yes, meet the latest fad of the decade...throwing cheese slices at babies.
The Second Florida Burrito Battering In A Week
There is an obvious disconnect between Texas and Florida. We don't ever throw Mexican food at someone else. Great Mexican food is never wasted in the Lone Star state. We enjoy our enchiladas. Flaunt our fajitas. Take up with our tacos.
Does Half-Eaten Food Bother You?
i have plenty to do, thank you very much, but necessity has been cutting through the break room, to get to the boss's office. So, yeah I see the donut box with half a donut, still in it. Does this bother you?
Red, Green, Or Christmas?
The chips hit the table and then the hot sauce. Some Mexican restaurants will default to the red sauce and others will give you a choice. Enchiladas are being offered with red or green sauce more frequently.. What if you want both? You call it "Christmas."

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