2 Texas restaurants are in the running to be named "most outstanding" in the United States of America and 1 of them is near El Paso.

Here's something else for your Texas bucket list travels, a visit to a restaurant that may soon officially be named the best in the entire country. It's a couple of hours from El Paso but apparently well worth the drive.

The "most outstanding" title is one of many awards given by the James Beard Foundation ... JBF awards are considered the highest honors in the culinary world.

JBF Awards are presented to people, restaurants and businesses at all levels of the restaurant industry. 2 El Paso area chefs and a local restaurant owner were recently nominated for JBF Awards.

Which two Texas restaurants have been nominated for JBF Awards?

Of the two Texas nominees, the one closest to El Paso is located in Marfa, Texas ... about a 3 hour drive from El Paso. Get directions here.

Convenience West is a Texas barbecue restaurant that opened back in 2017. Their dining area is only open on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. — or until they sell out.

The barbecue spot also offers nationwide shipping for their loyal customers. They’ll ship merch, sauces, and even whole briskets right to your front door. - ketk

Be sure and time your visit to Convenience West carefully as their hours are limited and when they're out, they're out. Meaning, depending on their crowd, they may be open through the evening or for an hour.

Good stuff goes fast ... if you don't want to chance missing out, you can have your order shipped to you.

The other nominee, Mixtli, is in San Antonio.

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