Beyonce and Jay-Z have made sure that baby girl Blue Ivy has only the best of everything since she was born. And it turns out, the best hospital suite wasn’t as expensive as was previously reported. So will you still have to break your bank to give birth like Bey?

Officials at Lenox Hill Hospital told TMZ that each executive suite runs between $700 and $800 per night, and that Beyonce had at least four suites — totaling roughly $3,200 per night of her stay. The official also informed press that the suites have “reconfigurable designs,” meaning that the dividing walls can be moved to expand the suites.

What kind of amenities do you get with that cash? TMZ reported that Beyonce’s suite had four flat screen TVs (likely, there was one for each separate suite that she combined), fancy electronics, a kitchenette, a bed for hubby Hov to sleep in, mahogany walls, couches and even some fancy art. We wouldn’t expect anything less from this hip-hop power couple!

The new reports contradict previous rumors that the couple dropped $1.3 million to rent out an entire floor of the hospital and had the area redecorated. While TMZ reports that the rooms were not designed specifically for Queen Bey’s use, it was planned that she would, in fact, be the first new mom to christen them. The hospital also noted that the suites are open to anyone’s use, subject to availability.

While the rooms still aren’t cheap, $3,200 a night for three nights is chump change compared to the previous estimates of $1.3 million that the couple were rumored to plunk down. The suites sound comfy, but we’re sure the couple is happy have Blue home — and that she’s resting easy in her luxe little crib!