Nearly a quarter of a century ago, a young German boy named Frank Uesbeck wrote a message, stuffed it into a bottle and threw it out to sea. This year, he finally received a reply.

The bottle was discovered by 13-year-old Daniil Korotkikh, a Russian boy who was walking along the beach with his parents when a glint in the sand caught his attention. There, he discovered a corked German beer bottle with a piece of paper inside. Fortunately, Korotkikh's father was able to read German and translated the message.

The message was dated 1987 and read, "My name is Frank, and I'm five years old. My dad and I are traveling on a ship to Denmark. If you find this letter, please write back to me, and I will write back to you."

Uesbeck, now 29, received the response letter after Korotkikh mailed it to his parent's address, which hasn't changed since the original letter was penned. Since then, the two have spoken via the Internet and continue to write letters back and forth.

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