It was months ago that the words "Pink Slime" went viral.  Photos, videos, description of this pink stuff that was going into our meat, were everywhere.

Once pink slime went viral it caused a ton of backlash for the company, and it even caused 200 Amarillo residents to lose their jobs.

Since the backlash of pink slime, BPI  filed  a $1.2 billion defemation lawsuit against ABC News on Thursday.

According to Reuter's:

Beef Products Inc sued over ABC reports in March and April
about the company and its "lean finely textured beef." In court
papers, the company said ABC falsely told viewers that the beef
product was not safe, not healthy, and not even meat.

Is the lawsuit warranted? Do they have a chance at winning?  Maybe, maybe not?  I do know that this is very similar to the cattlemen lawsuit against Oprah.