Wait, what?  Bret Michaels releases a dance track.  Bret Michaels from Poison?  Rock of Love Bret Michaels?  Yes, sadly that one,  released a dance track.  I must admit it was a shake my head moment.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

I am from the age when Poison was "The Band", and I had their posters all over my wall.  I loved the band, except for that one album they put out without C.C. Deville.  I digress, Poison the king of the big hair bands, were the best and my favorite.  Yes, grunge took them down, but it took everything down.

However, as I realize that I am not young anymore, it still hurts to see the disaster that is now a Bret Michaels' single.

He has stepped off a cliff and is falling, he has released a dance track.

CLICK HERE to listen to "You Know You Want It".

If the 1989 Bret Michaels could talk to the 2013 Bret Michaels what do you think that conversation would sound like?  I can imagine but it would be a NSFW conversation.

I imagine this song will be the anthem of strip clubs all over the country, but unfortunately it will probably be one of the hottest dance tracks of the year.

Here I go shaking my head again.

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