Bruno Mars, fresh off his most-watched Super Bowl performance, followed up with a visit to 'Ellen.' For a hilarious skit, the singer pranked a nurse who is treating him for a sore throat by saying whatever out-there nonsense the host whispered in his ear.

While in a closed off room, Mars, who says his real name is Ramon, talks to the nurse as Ellen is speaking directly in his ear, dictating what to say. With nary a hair out of place, the singer jokes about not having swallowed since the Super Bowl and pontificates on the shape of Pringles' cans.

Ellen leaves him hanging and stops talking for a sec when she goes to tell a story, so he goes silent, as well.

He is totally her marionette and that is when the funniest moments happen.

This goes on for seven minutes and we have to say that Mars was a total pro at taking direction from the host. The nurse did not watch his halftime performance and didn't seem to know who he was, and he even jokes that the nurse didn't know him since he doesn't have his own fragrance.

Ooh! Burn.

His fake crying is pretty funny, too.

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