You know how it is.....everywhere you turn there is bad news. The worst part of that is that there is bad news about that bad news. It can really wreak havoc on your health.

According to a study too much bad news can literally affect your health.

It seems every time we experience or even hear about a traumatic event, we go into stress mode. Our physiology is triggered to release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

The problem is if that happens too often, our adrenal glands get worn out, which can lead to bigger problems. You can lose sleep, have higher anxiety, and even develop depression.What does that do? Well it can lead to things like headaches, pain in your muscles, and stomach problems.

So what can you do to avoid all this bad news and health issues? You should set yourself a limit and pace yourself when it comes to reading bad news. Get outside and enjoy the goodness of life and not all the bad news!


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