Canada celebrates Thanksgiving before we do. Ours is November of course, while Canada celebrates theirs, on the second Monday of October. While Americans eat turkey, watch football, nap, and eat again, Canadians are bit more laid back.

1 Canada's Thanksgiving is on a Monday. They go back to work the next day, so eating themselves into a three day coma, is really not an option.

2. Like Americans, Canadians wait until Thanksgiving to put up their Christmas decorations, but since theirs is in October, you can count on Christmas decorations, being up by this weekend.

3. No Dallas Cowboys on Canada's Thanksgiving. They do get a double header from the Canadian Football League. I have no idea, if fights break out in Canada during games.

4. Canadians don't go crazy Christmas shopping the next day. They go back to work.

5. The food is pretty much the same. Turkey, ham, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. It is after all, October.

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