It is so sad looking at the old Buffalo's Southwest Cafe restaurant on 4th Avenue in Canyon. The building is nice looking, the landscape used to be very well cared for, yet the property has sat empty for sometime. I often wonder why nothing else has moved in there considering it's location near campus and easy access from in town or the interstate. The good news now, I won't have to wonder much longer.

Texas Rose Steakhouse has announced that they are coming to Canyon and will be taking over the old Buffalo's location. This will be Texas Rose's third location in the Texas panhandle. Currently they operate in Borger and Pampa, and have been in business for over 20 years.

When I started poking around on social media to find out more about Texas Rose Steakhouse, I was met with some very happy customers. Everyone I talked to raves about the food, even the salads, which you don't find often as a favorite item at a steakhouse. As you read more and more from happy customers, it is easy to see why they have done well for so long.

You also will find out that the family which owns Texas Rose, knows their way around the kitchen. The restaurant is owned and operated under the Tanjaco, which includes Shane Dyer and his sons. Yes, the same family who is behind Dyer's BBQ. They have been at it as a family for over 50 years, so year, they know a thing or two. The other great news is that the new steakhouse will bring a good amount of jobs back to Canyon. Look for the new Texas Rose Steakhouse in Canyon to open later this year.

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