I love hearing the good news. I love seeing new places open in Amarillo. We have had several over the past few years. This means things are looking up for us here in our great city.

I saw Center City post about this one over the weekend. Las Brisas coming to Downtown Amarillo, 550 S Buchanan.

credit: Center City
credit: Center City

As I was talking to a co-worker I asked if this restaurant has been in Amarillo before, it sounded vaguely familiar. She said, yes, and she loved it. After doing some research it was once on Olsen Blvd. It was once in the former Harrigan's location. You know where I am talking. Oh and I know I had never been there because it was fancy like, well not like Applebee's, and I didn't have that kind of money then.

So I am excited with all of the glowing reviews I am reading about it. The closest one now is, of course, in Lubbock. The steaks I read are to die for.

One review stated this about Las Brisas:

It’s one of Lubbock’s best and most popular upscale restaurants that once had a location in Amarillo (on Olsen where Harrigan’s used to be), which is why it went didn’t work.
The downtown Amarillo location might be just the element it needs to work the second time around. Good luck!
I am hoping this location is better for this restaurant the second time around. Las Brisas has a menu that  offers seafood, southwest-style dishes & Angus steaks cooked in an 1,800-degree oven. You can check out the menu HERE.
Here is to a renewed interest for a former restaurant. I look forward to it opening up soon.

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