New Amarillo Restaurant Moving Into Empty Location
There is nothing but good news when we hear about a new restaurant coming to Amarillo. Especially when it is taking the place of an empty location. We want all of our empty buildings filled with new life. That is always best for our city.
Amarillo's Mr. Fish On Sixth Street Is Closed
While my daughter was in town the past few days we were talking about restaurants in Amarillo. One that she really loved going to was Mr. Fish. If you have never been there the sad part is you can't anymore. The beloved restaurant on Sixth Street recently closed down.
New Southern Cooking Restaurant Coming To Amarillo
It's been awhile since we had news of a new place coming to Amarillo. I mean with all of this covid-19 stuff talks of that had slowed down a bit. So when I saw a post on the Amarillo Restaurant Review page I got a bit excited and had to see what this place was about.