While my daughter was in town the past few days we were talking about restaurants in Amarillo. One that she really loved going to was Mr. Fish. If you have never been there, the sad part is, you can't anymore. The beloved restaurant on Sixth Street recently closed down.
She really loved their menu and everything about it. I told her that I saw on Facebook that they recently closed. My daughter was sad and wondered why. I also saw that the owner passed away less than two weeks ago.
David Sisomsouk had been battling cancer for awhile. He had been making trips to Houston quite a bit for treatment. My daughter said that every time she went into Mr. Fish David was always there talking to all the customers. She went on and on about how nice he really was. She has had a conversation or two with him.
On January 8th he said his goodbyes to everyone on Facebook:
I am saying my goodbyes all to my friends.
The scans said, the cancers ate up my whole inside already it’s a high hope that I make it long. I just want to say my goodbyes before I left without saying it.
In less than a week from than he passed away on the 14th. So now here we are. David didn’t have anyone to pass the restaurant on to so now it is closed. It is just sitting there.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
All that remains is an empty building with a “For Rent” sign attached. A sad ending to a great restaurant here in Amarillo.

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