Amarillo has a lot of places where you can grab your friends and head out for a great meal. You drive down almost any main street of this great town and you are going to run into a place or two.

Amarillo has some interesting weather as well. We talk about the wind here. Do you think that stops us from having some great outdoor areas, or patios, to enjoy a great meal and a drink? Heck no.

Our patios are great. We have some that allow pets. We have some on top of buildings. We have a lot that they use for live music over the weekend or just whenever. We even have some restaurants with some hidden patios.

I tell you Amarillo has it all. You can go get a fancy meal or just grab a burger. Do you want a nice glass of wine to go with it? Why not? A couple of restaurants even upgraded their patios this year.

How many can you mark off the list that you have actually gone out and enjoyed? This should be one of our bucket list items and let's check them all out.

Take Me Out to the Patio's of Amarillo

Amarillo restaurants that have patios to enjoy.

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