Recently, I wrote about a series of posts of Facebook from Leftwoods in Amarillo. The posts painted a dire picture of the situation of the live music venue on 6th Street. Yesterday, a new update was posted.

Leftwoods "lost the battle," and is looking for a new home.

The Slowly Unfolding Saga Of Leftwoods In Amarillo

There have been a handful of posts on social media recently that had more than one patron of Leftwoods wondering exactly what was going on.

One of the most recent posts simply stated "damn the Man; Save the Woods."

I wrote a piece about the concern some people had, and quickly received a message from Leftwoods assuring me they were open. They would later add that they needed the love of the city with going more in depth.

A Lost Battle; A Hope In The Future

Yesterday, while I was home sick in bed, I received a text message from my editor. It was a screenshot of this post from Leftwoods.

For those who found their place at Leftwoods, this news has to be tough to take. The comment section is full of support and "what can we do to help."

They do mention that they are planning to regroup, and then find a new location.

It's A Shame For Live Music

The live music scene, where I came from, was a very tight-knit family. We were dysfunctional at times, but we were still a family. From venue owners to the merch guys, and everyone in between. Everyone looked out for each other.

This is a shame for those bands who found a home at Leftwoods. Hopefully, Leftwoods can find a new home, for themselves and the bands that they gave a stage to.

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