Update: I heard back from Leftwoods, and they said "We ARE Open." Good news. They're open 3PM to 2AM seven days a week.

You hate to see it. Spend your money there or not, it's never good to see a local business going through it. By it, I mean a bad time. It looks like that's what is happening.

So, just what is going on with Leftwoods and these messages they've posted online?

A Regular For Live Music On Sixth Street...

That's what originally piqued my interest about Leftwoods when I first moved to town. I came from an area that was inundated with live, original music. Leftwoods seemed to be the place where I could find Amarillo's version of it.

Over the years, Leftwoods has pretty much seemed to be one of the staple establishments in town for live music. Especially, if you weren't looking to do too much honky-tonkin'.

People Are Wondering, Just What Is Going On...

The confusion has really set in, in the past 24 hours or so. A post was made yesterday (1/25) that there was some news. That news, was that they were going to be open re-opening to the public at 5PM.

Good news, right? There was also this...

Now, I'm No Prophet But...

That doesn't sound good. Couple this with some earlier posts that have been made about the venue being opened in a limited capacity on January 13, after an artist made a post about an unforseen venue closure on January 12 causing her to change venues; it makes you wonder.

I reached out via Messenger, and had a friendly conversation with the auto response before I realized that I was speaking to the auto responses.

We all make mistakes.

If I hear back from Leftwoods, I'll pass along whatever I find out. In the meantime, hoping Leftwoods keeps on keeping on.

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