One of the best places to visit in Amarillo is Sixth Street. They get a lot of visitors because of course it is part of Route 66. So why would you not visit? Plus when they have a lot of great shops and restaurants there is just a ton to do.

Just a couple of weeks ago they took a hit when The Handle Bar and Grill had a for sale sign pop up. They were done. So one less place to go. Just the other day another local place took a hit.

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Texas Ivy Antiques, which happens to be right across from The Handle Bar had their morning start off in a horrible. way. A fire.The good news? They were not open so nobody was there. No injuries. So we have to take that blessing. Things could have been so much worse.

The bad part? Though it was not a total loss the fire was bad. According to the owner, Dora Meroney, they are going to have to close for a bit:

Texas Ivy Antiques burned early this morning, 8-23-22. It's bad but not a total loss. No one was here when it happened so no one was hurt.
Unfortunately Texas Ivy Antiques will be closed until we can get one room up and running.
I will try to get a new stamp for us to use to Stamp the ROUTE 66 PASSPORTS as soon as possible.
I will post updates.
This is a big hit because a lot of people loved to stop at the shop to take photos in front of the ivy wall. I'm pretty sure they are going to keep the whole place off limits until it's safe again.
We wish them a fast turnaround to get this local favorite open again soon.

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