With the talk recently about Amarillo's massive 10-day-long Route 66 festival returning for 2024, the issue of some of our "forgotten" landmarks came up. While many people think of massive mutant steak when they think of Amarillo and Route 66, there's a lot more to the Mother Road in Yellow City than that. Sadly, some of these icons are left abandoned and in disrepair.

What Happened With Amarillo's Ranchotel On Route 66?

Ranchotel is an Amarillo Route 66 icon. It's a classic-style hotel/motor court/tourist court. The hard times hit when Route 66 was realigned. It became apartments and eventually wound up being a spot where hospice care was given to HIV/AIDS patients. It was also placed on the registry of historic places. Unfortunately, Ranchotel would wind up empty, abandoned, and in total disrepair.

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In 2022, there were reports that someone had bought the Ranchotel and there were possibly plans to restore it, or at the very least fix it up a little bit. However, not much has happened. With all of the celebrations happening over Route 66 turning 100, it would be great if something could be done with the old Ranchotel in time to ring in the centennial.

The Sad Story Of The Triangle Motel On Route 66 In Amarillo, Texas

The story of the Triangle Motel is truly sad. It was another iconic landmark on the old Mother Road in Amarillo. The unique construction and sign made it stand out among the other motor courts. Unfortunately, it also eventually wound up abandoned and in tragic shape.

Despite plans to restore the Triangle Motel, nothing ever came of the efforts. Personal tragedies and the sheer magnitude of the project created hurdles that just seemed like they couldn't be overcome. It would be incredible if something could be done to at least get the Triangle Motel into better shape to honor Amarillo's deep history with Route 66.

Look at How Amarillo's Old Route 66 Motels Looked Then & Now

The heyday of the Mother Road may be long gone, but would you believe that there's still plenty of the old motels where many a weary American family rested their heads during their interstate travels?

You won't believe some of these are still standing, much less still alive and (wait for it..) kickin'!

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

Echoes of Old Route 66: The Triangle Motel in Amarillo, Texas (2022)

The Triangle Motel is an iconic and forgotten landmark of Old Route 66 located at 7954 E Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79107.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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