It's been a rough year so far at Coffee Memorial Blood Center regarding our blood supply in Amarillo. We've heard several times that the blood supply has been low, and as we get into the summer months it is becoming increasingly important that we get the supply level up. This quest for a stable blood supply is leading Coffee Memorial to Hodgetown.

Big Blood Drive Happening Today (6/14) At Hodgetown In Amarillo, Texas

According to a press release from Coffee Memorial Blood Center, their goal right now is to build a stable blood supply by July 4th. We've heard in recent months how low our supply has been, and at times it has actually seemed to be a pretty dire situation. Coffee Memorial has been combating this by having big blood drives, and today's is no exception.

The "All American Blood Drive" will be happening all day today. It goes from 12 PM until 7 PM at Hodgetown in downtown Amarillo, and they're going all out for those who complete a successful donation. Successful donors receive:

  • A ticket to a Sod Poodles game
  • Limited edition t-shirt
  • Wonderland WOW pass
  • Two additional shirts
  • A Team USA kids shirt
  • A folding camp chair
  • Coupon for a gallon of Plains Dairy Milk and a pint of Blue Bell ice cream
  • Entry to possibly win a Father's Day basket valued at $300

The press release does say "while supplies last", so you'll probably want to get there sooner rather than later.

It Takes Just A Little Bit Of Time To Save A Life

Coffee Memorial Blood Center provides blood to the entire High Plains region. It's crucial that we donate when we can to keep the blood supply for our whole region where it needs to be.

According to the press release, anyone who is 16 years of age or older and is health is eligible to make a donation. It only takes around an hour of your time. You walk away with some nice gifts, and you get to save lives thanks to your donation. You can get more info or make an appointment by calling 877-340-8777, or go online. The press release also states that walk-ins are welcome.

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