Are you or someone you know heading to college this fall? Or maybe you are already attending and could use some extra money to help with tuition or books.

Here is a great way to save a life and get you a little money to help with those college expenses. How does a $2500 scholarship sound? Or $1500? Coffee has both to give away today.

It doesn't even matter what college or university you attend. The only thing that matters is that you donate today.

Stop by Coffee Memorial Blood Center - 7500 Wallace Blvd. The blood drive is from 9 am until 7 pm. You donate and you then fill out an entry blank to obtain one of the scholarships.

Here is the cool thing. You can even talk your family and friends into donating too and entering your name for the scholarship. The more people you get the more chances you will have to win. Is this great or what?

There will also be food, fun and door prizes throughout the day. The winners of the scholarship will be selected at the end of the day. So come one and come all and give the gift of life and the gift of an education.


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