Coffee Memorial is the 6th-largest independent blood center in the nation, providing every drop of blood in the High Plains region. When you or a loved one is in need of urgently needed blood, Coffee Memorial is the supplier. The pandemic has created a new level of need for blood donations, now they are facing another shortage due to the incredible cold weather here in the panhandle. As a result, Coffee Memorial Blood Center is experiencing an emergency need for blood donations of all types.

 “To many, winter weather means a day at home with their families. For us, it could mean a seriously depleted blood supply,” said Dr. John Armitage, president and CEO of Coffee Memorial Blood Center. “For patients needing blood and their loved ones, it could be a day of waiting and worrying if we cannot build back our supply of life-saving blood.”

Winter weather dramatically reduces blood donations, an issue that’s especially dangerous during a time when blood drives are already struggling with consistent collections due to COVID-related cancellations.

Blood has no substitute and is perishable, with a shelf life of just 42 days. Blood supplies must be constantly replenished. Coffee Memorial Blood Center provides every drop of blood in the High Plains region, requiring 125 donors each day to keep a healthy supply of blood on the shelf.

Donors should visit or call 806-331-8833 to schedule an appointment. Most adults 16+ and in good health can donate, in a process that takes about an hour. Those who have received the most common COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) CAN donate without a deferral period. Those who have received other vaccinations must wait two weeks before donating.

“Our generous donors have always stepped up when the need is great,” Armitage said. “We’re counting on them now, as we face a period of historic weather and pandemic-related challenges. At a time of great need, every single unit matters.”

Please take a minute to think about taking a small amount of time to donate. It could save a life, maybe a family member or neighbor. This is what we do in Texas.

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