You decide to go out to eat. You don't want to cook. You want a night out. Now you have to pick something to actually eat.

If you talk to the people cooking the food, the chefs, they have some advice on what NOT to order.

You should never order well-done steak. When you do they actually use less-desirable cuts of meat because it's harder to tell that when they are well-done. You want a better cut of steak.....make sure you go a little lighter in the cooking.

Another thing they suggest you don't order is mussels. You could get really sick if you get a bad one. It is too risky.

If you order a burger don't go for a really expensive cheeseburger. The mark-up is crazy. Burgers are made with cheaper cuts of meat so all the toppings could be just a waste of money.

If you order the seafood special that could be a mistake as well. Usually it is just a way for the restaurant to clean out the fridge and the food could be about to go bad. So just don't do it!

So go out to eat......relax.....have a good time. Just take a few more minutes to decide on what to order. It will be worth it.

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