Casey Affleck has proved himself to be a talented actor in films like ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.’ In fact, he may be a better actor that his brother Ben Affleck. But is he a better director? We may yet find out as Casey is planning to write and direct a film about baseball star Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton’s story, as Deadline Hollywood tells us, is the sort that would sound like bad writing if it weren’t true. Hamilton was a prodigy who was drafted for $4 million, only for him and his family to get into a terrible car accident that led Hamilton to drug use. He fell very far into depression and drug abuse, but eventually he cleaned up his act and was able to get back into the majors.

Affleck has previously directed the faux-documentary ‘I’m Still Here’ about Joaquin Phoenix that was revealed to be a fake shortly into the film’s release, and tainted the film. Perhaps Affleck will do better with this narrative. Currently the film does not have a studio, but he does have a producer in Basil Iwanyk, and a production house in Thunder Road.

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