Director Casey Neisiat received an email from 20th Century Fox about making a video for a promo campaign that motived and inspired people to live their dreams and do something they've never done. The video would coincide with the release of the film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.'

"Give me the budget and I'll go to the Philippines and spend every penny helping people in need" was Neistat's response, referring to the victims of the typhoon.

The studio agreed to let him spend the $25,000 budget on helping the victims of the storm.

Once he arrived, Neistat tweeted ask for help making s--t happen and subsequently, s--t happened! It's also a first person account of the devastation.

They stocked up and improvised, renting passenger buses since they could not find trucks to transport the materials, and handed out food and supplies. They were repaid with smiles.

Traveling thousand of miles to help others… that's something some of us don't do every day.

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