This is not how any of us wants to spend out St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, this is the mess we all woke up to.

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Getting to work was tricky enough, but as the morning went on, it just got worse.

Charlie Hardin

At one point, I left the radio station to make the short trip to the gas station and could barely get out of the parking lot. Once on the road, it was a slippery mess for the two blocks I had to travel.

Jake Mitchell

The roads earlier today were nasty, to say the least. There were reports of several closures and wrecks due to the weather.

Charlie Hardin

With the wind gusting, and the snow coming down, there were times when visibility was almost non-existent. I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the roads I travel on a daily basis were mostly empty.

Jake Mitchell

This afternoon, with the sun shining, some roadways cleared up. They don't look quite like they did in the photos from this morning.

That's the craziest part. Earlier today, it looked like winter all over again. While the remnants are still there to see, it's not quite as treacherous as it was today. Also, the good news is that it seems like we're pretty much done with wacky weather for the day.

The biggest thing we'll have to deal with tonight seems to be the gusting winds.

If you have any photos from all of the snow that we got this morning, feel free to share them with us. You can submit your photos on the Thunder 987 app.

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