Every year since 2001 Mix 94.1 has brought the family and miracle kids of the Children's Miracle Network to the airwaves.  The Children's Miracle Network Celebration Radiothon is 2 days where we can raise money for this wonderful organization.  So what is Children's Miracle Network?

Caleb courtesy of Loomis Family

Children's Miracle Network is an organization that helps our kids.  In fact their mission is:

To promote and improve the quality of children's healthcare.

That is a broad statement, so what exactly does it mean.

What does CMN do?

Jase courtesy of the Rock Family

Here are a few examples:

  • Pay for prescriptions for a child when a family cannot afford them.
  • Cover the costs of a surgery because the family cannot afford it.
  • Take care of a child's outstanding medical bills because they are burying the family in debt.
  • Cover the costs of therapy.
  • Provide useful equipment to a child to improve their quality of life.
  • Audree courtesy of the Gomez Family
  • Provide funds for the child life specialists in the hospitals to make a child's hospital stay even better.  Items like stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books, Video games and systems, Blu-Ray players and movies and so much more.
  • Provide training grants for nurses and specialists so they can learn new ways to properly take care of our children.
  • This is just a few of the things Children's Miracle Network does for the children of the Texas Panhandle.

    The best part about CMN is the money stays local to help our local kids.  Not many other organizations can say that their money stays local to help local kids.

    Mylee courtesy of the Malone Family

    Local means here in the Texas Panhandle, all types of families have been helped from all over the area not just Amarillo, Dumas, Pampa, Dalhart,  Hereford, Vega, Tulia, Canyon, Stinnett, Panhandle, Claude, everywhere in the Texas Panhandle.

    So many children have been helped with diagnosis ranging from cancer to pre-mature birth to a broken bone, a severe cut, a head injury, a burst appendix, cerebal palsy, autism and many, many, more.

    This is why I love this organization.  It helps local kids.

    So many people in our community do not know about CMN and they don't know that

    William courtesy of the Taylor Family

    help is available.

    So many times, I have heard families say, "I've never expected something like this to happen to my child and my family, but thank God CMN was there to help."

    So on Thursday and Friday, April 28th and 29th, I encourage you to keep your radio on Mix 94.1 and open your heart and wallet and donate to this awesome organization.

    Because you never know when you might need their help!


    *please mark Radiothon/Celebration in the Donor Designation