Texas is a state full of natural beauty. We've got everything from deserts to massive forests, to beautiful beaches and wide open plains. It's a state made for those who love being out in nature. This is why a current project by Texas Parks and Wildlife is so exciting.

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Why Are The Chinati Mountains Closed Off In Texas?

There's a beautiful mountain range in Texas that's part of the Chihuahuan Desert ecoregion. It's stunningly beautiful. Photos show amazing views, plant life, and impressive peaks.

What has some nature enthusiasts upset in the Lone Star State is the fact that part of the Chinati Mountains are closed off. The reason why, though, is very exciting.

Texas Is Getting A New "State Natural Area" With The Chinati Mountains

According to the TPWD website, we can all look forward to eventually seeing the Chinati Mountains State Natural Area. Supposedly, it consists of 39,000 acres of this beautiful landscape. The only problem right now, is that it isn't open to the public...yet.

There is a lot of plant life and wildlife that call the Chinati Mountains home. Everything from cactus to mountain lions are in the area. The lower areas of the park, while the upper areas are more of a woodland.

The good news is that the preliminary work has begun on the park. Plans have been and are being made. In fact, the TPWD website states that they're taking a last look at the plans. That means we can't be far off from updates on construction and progress being made.

The bad news is that there isn't an opening day yet. We'll just have to wait and see when this new area will be opened up to the public.

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