When was the last time you got a postcard in the mail? The last time you sent one?

See, postcards are one of the few bygone practices that I wish we had done a better job at continuing. They're a quirky and memorable way of getting someone a personal message. And in terms of "history", they offer a unique glimpse of the past by way of the imagery chosen.

Today, they're a pretty popular collectible item. (Fun fact: the study and collection of postcards is called deltiology.) So while I've been well aware of the postcards a-plenty floating around the world wide web's marketplaces, I didn't really pay attention until I spotted one that really caught my fancy.


That, my friends, is the Devil's Tombstone. This is a "forgotten icon" of Palo Duro Canyon, as the rock formation was once more iconic than the Lighthouse. You can read more about this devilish hoodoo here.

But in the process of researching the Devil's Tombstone, I came across countless vintage postcards featuring Palo Duro Canyon. There were landmarks and formations that I recognized right away. But there were yet others that left me squinting and scratching my head before heading over to the search engines to do research.

I found it quite fascinating how much things have changed in terms of what we know is in Palo Duro Canyon and what we've forgotten about.

Not sure what I'm going on about? Take a look for yourself, take a blast into the past with these vintage postcards of the Canyon.

LOOK: Vintage Postcards of Palo Duro Canyon

These vintage postcards of Palo Duro Canyon are a true look into the past.

You may recognize quite a few of the iconic landmarks found in the canyon, but there's still others that you just might have not seen yet! Key word...."yet."

Take a trip into the past with these spectacular vintage postcards, you'll be inspired to take a hike!

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