A study by Wuhan University, China reveals that wearing red increases a woman's sex appeal and makes her more approachable.  Researcher Fangfang Wen tells the journal Evolutionary Psychology: ''The color red was shown to have a boosting effect on the sexual attractiveness of women with feminine facial traits. 'In addition, regardless of sexual dimorphism cues, male participants rated women with red as warmer and more competent. By choosing red, women are reflecting their sexual intentions ‘from the beginning’.''

Study participants were shown 32 pictures of women. Those wearing red scored the highest.

According to Yourtango.com, here's a couple of tips for what to wear on a first date:

Wear a skirt.  Men find that sexy. It shows you feminine side.

Wear heels.  Yeah, they are not comfortable, but they flatter your lower half.

Don't worry about "labels".  Men don't care.

For other tips and to read the entire article, click HERE.

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