I'm an El Paso native who moved to Amarillo years ago, and I've tried to acclimate myself to the panhandle. I crave Chicken Fried Steak,I hate on Lubbock, and I go outside when I hear the tornado siren. There are a few things I miss, from my hometown and one of those is "Christmas." Not the seasonal one, but the option of red and green salsa on the table.

If you travel far West Texas or have spent anytime in New Mexico west of Tucumcari, you'll know, you'll be asked in any Mexican restaurant "red or green?" Personally I prefer both. The combination of the two, unmask a different taste completely.

In most Mexican outlets here, red is served by default and you have to ask for the green salsa. As time creeps by, I notice "Christmas" is on the table already. Usually the green is hotter, but yesterday, I had some red, that was spicier that the green. That's good to know..can I have them both? Red AND green. Christmas!!

There is still one more thing I'd like to see in panhandle Mexican dining, and that's whole jalapenos served with every meal. It's still being done this way in my favorite hometown steakhouse. You don't even have to ask for them. They come with everything.

That...would compliment the perfect "Christmas!"

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