This week, the City of Amarillo got started on putting together the City Plan Vision: 2045. Yes, it's another survey. However, this one will help determine the priorities of the city moving forward for the next several years.

Oh, and they're not the ones sending you spam texts...apparently.

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Amarillo City Plan Vision: 2045 Is Live

If you think back, we recently covered the City's announcement that they were going to be seeking input from all of us regarding our priorities when it comes to Amarillo's future. There is going to be more than one meeting, and online access would be provided if you aren't able to make it in-person.

The survey for Vision: 2045 has gone live.

I filled out the survey, and it honestly was a fairly painless process. The questions were pretty straightforward. I wasn't forced to subscribe to any newsletters. There were opportunities for me to expand on my answers to make sure I at least felt like I was heard.

You can fill yours out, or just check it out here.

No, They're Not Sending You Spam Texts About The Survey

In the comments section of the above Facebook post, I got a giggle or two out of one person. They thought they had found the culprit behind some, what I assume are, annoying text messages about filling out surveys.

They jumped into the comments in a spectacular "Ah ha!" moment, they quickly got squashed.

The City was quick to respond to the spammy allegations. According to their response, the City is not randomly texting links to the survey to people.

So keep ignoring those spam texts about filling out surveys.

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