Yesterday, the City of Amarillo put out a press release regarding some software issues they're having. Immediately, my mind went back to that time when paying our water bill was tricky bit of business. Surely, you remember that whole debacle. Well, get ready for the sequel.

Oh, no. The City of Amarillo is having "software issues" again.

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Here's What We Know So Far About The City's Software Issues

First, we know that it's affecting the City of Amarillo Environmental Health Department. Sorry if you were hoping to not have to pay your water bill for a bit.

As of yesterday, the Environmental Health Department is unable to process online payments. Also, the public isn't able to view online inspection results.

The press release states that the City is working with a third party software provider to remedy the situation. Also, it's mentioned that there is no timeline for when these services will be back online.


What Don't We Know?

What happened. The last time I remember seeing a press release like this was when we couldn't pay our water bills. That issue went on for what seemed a long time.

I believe the City's Facebook page wound up even calling out the company responsible for fixing the problems by name. You could cut through the frustration with a dull butter knife.

Everyone was upset.

At the moment, there's no names regarding the third party software provider. Also, as mentioned earlier, there's no time given in regards to when we can expect the services to be back to normal.

The City does say that if there's anything you need, you can contact the Environmental Health Department at 806-378-9472.

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