Ring the bells. Sound the alarm. It looks like it's finally over. The issues plaguing the City's ability to accept our payments for water service have finally been resolved.

Water bill payment is resumes in Amarillo, ending a really strange era when many of us wondered if we ever would again.

When Will I Start Paying My Water Bill In Amarillo Again

This is the big question looming in all of our minds. It has been for a while. If you've been worried, the City released some news today regarding that very topic.

It seems that the software issues are no more.

According to the press release from the City, if you want to pay by phone or in-person nothing has changed in how you pay your bill. Call or show up. The choice is yours and it will be a familiar experience for you.

For those who had "preexisting online accounts," well, there's a bit of a catch. You'll need to go online and register your account again. You can do that at billing.amarillo.gov.


What About Late Fees, Auto Drafts, And "Interruption" Of Service Because Of This

More good news, according to the press release from the City. Late fees were waived while this drama played out. They will resume, however, on January 3.

  • Auto-draft payments were suspended during this debacle and will resume immediately. If you haven't seen the charge yet, I'm sure you will soon.
  • Credit card and draft payments are still linked to accounts. You won't need to do anything there, unlike those people who have to re-register their accounts.
  • Don't forget to re-register your account, seriously. If you used the online portal, get it taken care of.
  • The press release states again at the end that no late fees were tacked on during the software meltdown upgrade.

All kidding aside, there has to be a lot of people glad to see this is over. It got to the point that the City called out the software company by name on social media, the same way people do a restaurant that gives less than desirable service. Just on a much bigger scale.

Now we can all go into 2023 with some sense of normalcy, even if it is the water bill we're talking about.

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