Well, surely this isn't how this all was supposed to go. Remember when the City said that there would be a small interruption in your ability to pay your water bill, but that the system would be back up and running in no time?

Looks like there are issues still causing problems. When will it end?

Software Issues Continue

According to an update put out on social media by the City of Amarillo, you still expect issues when it comes to the City processing payments online, in person, or on the phone.

I can only imagine the headaches this causing. Someone might want to check on the City and see if they need some Tylenol or a stiff drink.

Why Can't You Make A Payment With The City

According to their post, there are some unforeseen issues playing havoc with their ability to process your payment. From the sound of it, this was a simple upgrade that has been anything but.

They even called out the company by name in their post regarding the situation. Looks like the City of Amarillo has no chill left at this point.


Now, the question is what does this mean for us?

Is The City Of Amarillo Going To Shut Off My Water During This?

The short answer appears to be, no. They're not going to shut off your water. They say that there will be no interruptions to service while this is going on.

Also, and you might smile over this one, water bills aren't due until this is resolved. Thanks Tyler Technologies Munis.

There also won't be late fees, and auto-draft payments won't be drafted. Thanks again Tyler Technologies Munis.

For more information, I recommend following the City of Amarillo on social media, or trying to contact the city. Their number is on your bill that you don't have to pay at the moment.

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