I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in Canyon. A big topic of discussion was their latest water bill.

Apparently the City of Canyon was working on a water billing upgrade that left a lot of customer's in disbelief. Some received their latest bill and it almost tripled. Imagine the shell shock of that.

I saw a lot of people with questions and concerns. The best thing is that the City of Canyon didn't shy away from it. They had to look in what went wrong and they addressed it recently on Facebook.

The City of Canyon would like to apologize to all utility customers. It is clear that our planning related to a recent water billing upgrade and the effect that it would have on our customers was not adequate. At this time City staff is working diligently to look at every customer’s bill. Please be patient with us as staff reviews this issue and determines the best method to move forward. At this time we ask that you not pay your utility bill until you have received a new bill from the City.

Updates will be provided via social media as soon as information becomes available. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

That was posted yesterday afternoon. A lot of the comments gave kudos to the city  for them addressing those concerns. There were also questions about auto-pay accounts. What was going to happen? That was answered by letting them know that not one auto draft will happen until the 15th of September giving the city plenty of time to fix the bills.

So while there are still concerns from some customer's it is refreshing to see many people being appreciative of Canyon's ability to step up, admit mistake and work to fix it! A great reason to be proud of growing up there.


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