In case you didn't see the story earlier today, a report from KAMR Local 4 News stated that a City of Amarillo trash truck got stuck under an overpass on 45th. The story doesn't mention any injuries, and for that we are grateful. Looking at the photos, I could only think one thought.

This stuck trash truck is exactly how I feel about 2022.

2022 Has Been Rough In Yellow City

Don't get me wrong. There have been a lot of great moments, and there are plenty of cherished memories from this year. But it has been tough, and 2022 is not going quietly into the night.

Personally, the last two weeks have been insane. My two-year-old got the flu and had to be home from daycare for a week. I split my work days in half, doing part in the very early AM hours, and the rest late in the evening.

Courtesy KAMR Local 4 News
Courtesy KAMR Local 4 News

My house had a busted water pipe. I lost a tooth off of my partial denture. My daughter's flight from Dallas to Amarillo got canceled thanks to all of that mess with Southwest.

I'm somewhere between The Hangover and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

In Amarillo, we've had flooding at both the Civic Center and the Globe News Center in the same month. There was the whole circus surrounding getting our water bills paid. Now, a trash truck, with what looks like a dumpster still attached to it, stuck under an overpass.

It's just one thing after another.

This Trash Truck Is The Perfect Picture Of How 2022 Is Ending

If 2022 had you feeling like you were stuck down in the dumps, then you get it too. If you ever felt like you were so close to making it, and yet things still didn't work out...this truck's for you.

Courtesy KAMR Local 4 News
Courtesy KAMR Local 4 News

If you've ever thought about throwing up your hands and saying you're done in 2022, this truck is for you. If you're not looking forward to a new year, but to just making it to the freaking weekend, this truck is for you.

Happy New Year.

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