Cody Simpson is psyched to be on Season 18 of 'Dancing With the Stars' -- but one thing he's probably not too happy about? His privacy, or lack thereof.

According to TMZ, the 17-year-old Aussie singer agreed to a contract that states he must wear his microphone at all times -- "while he's on the phone, while he's talking business, while he reveals his most inner thoughts," the website reports. Fortunately, Simpson is allowed to de-mic while in the bathroom. Phew!

The website also claims that the contract reveals how much the Aussie cutie will be earning for his 'DWTS' stint. He reportedly gets $125,000 for the show, but the amount will increase depending on how long he stays on the show.

And the final kicker? The document even claims that 'DWTS' has the final say over the singer's hairstyle… which, apparently, is not all that uncommon in Hollywood. After all, it's in Kelly Osbourne's E! 'Fashion Police' contract that she must maintain her lilac locks.

PopCrushers + Angels, what do you think of 'DWTS' strict rules?