Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, news came out today that Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. At first, I was confused; then I couldn't stop laughing.

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Since the docuseries was added to Netflix, theories have circulated all over the internet suggesting that Carole Baskin had something to do with the death of one of her husbands. It was a subject the Tiger King, Joe Exotic, brought up frequently and claimed to have evidence of. Nothing has ever come of any of the allegations and theories.

Conspiracy theories aside, I started thinking about what songs Carole should dance to while she's on the show. Here's what I came up with.

'Eye of the Tiger' - Survivor

The obvious choice needs to be the first one so we can get it out of the way. Considering that Carole's entire life pretty much revolves around anything and everything tiger related, there should be some kind of dance routine set to the most famous tiger related song of all time.

'Cell Block Tango' - From the film Chicago

Instead of pretending that the drama and conspiracy theories don't exist, just embrace them. Do the tango to the song from the musical Chicago about how "he had it comin'."

"Maneater" - Hall & Oates

In the same way that "Cell Block Tango" embraces the ramblings of conspiracy theorists on the internet, so would Hall & Oates' "Maneater." According to one theory, she fed her ex to her tigers. So, this one works on a few levels.

"Goodbye Earl" - The Chicks

Doing some country swing, or a two-step to this one would be both hilarious and would take the power back from all those mean people on the internet by injecting humor into their theories.

"I Saw A Tiger" - Joe Exotic

Let's face it, Carole owes being on Dancing With The Stars to Joe Exotic. Without Joe having been a part of her life, I seriously doubt she would be the celebrity that she is. Maybe as a way of showing there are no hard feelings, now that he's in jail and she's on game shows, she could do an interpretive dance number to Joe's most famous single.

Of course, I'm just having a little fun. All of the allegations and theories regarding Carole's dead husband are just that, theories and allegations. Nothing has been proven, and in this country, we're all innocent until proven guilty.

What song(s) do you think Carole Baskin should shake a flower wreath to? Let us know in the comments.

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