The best thing about YouTube is that it makes it easy to look back in time to see what we were all like before things got so crazy. It seems like we're all under pressure these days. That's not necessarily the case in this 2011 video from TTUHSC at Amarillo.

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They Did The Monster Mash

Let it never be said that health care professionals don't know how to have a good time. After all, ten years ago in what seem like simpler times, they were doing the Monster Mash.

Looking at this now, I laugh not because I know any of these people. I laugh because it is so innocently cheesy. Those sunglasses mean business.

I almost expect whoever is wearing those shades to wipe my memory after seeing extraterrestrials, Men In Black style.

It Was A Grave Yard Smash

I'm sure there are a few people in this video that look at it the same way I look at my home movies. "Oh my God," is probably the first thing they would say if someone were to show them a link to this on Facebook.

They shouldn't though. In all honesty, this is one of the better "vintage" Halloween in Amarillo videos I could find. The rest were just the usual song and dance about haunted houses you get from news channels.

The TTUHSCtv Channel Still Operates

They've uploaded videos recently, though none can hold a severed hand holding a candle to their version of the Monster Mash.

Check out the video for yourself. Hats off if you make it all the way through. And a big thank you to TTUHSC for a video that's 10 years old that made me giggle.

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