Once in a blue moon, you come across pure gold on YouTube when you search for Amarillo. Today, I thought I'd give it a try and see what had been posted in the past month. Hats off to you, Visit Amarillo, for your recent post.

Their AI video of Amarillo is like a hilarious western style fever dream.

Not Quite The Stuff Of Nightmares, But Those Smiles Are Goofy

AI created videos are all the rage right now. From Will Smith eating spaghetti to fake pizza commercials, they're taking the Internet by storm.

Largely because AI seems to have a hard time with basic anatomy and the way we work. Proportions are all over the place. Images twist and melt into each other like some kind of psychonaut's field of view right at the peak.

Couple the wild visuals with the insane ramblings of a computer generated thought process, and you've got the potential for some real magic.

That smile just screams, "Durrrrrrrrrrrrr".

AI Interpretations Of Amarillo's Famous Landmarks

I'm having a bit of a difficult moment right now. There are a couple of lines in the commercial that I swear I've both written and spoken on air. I'm having an existential crisis. Is AI inherently snarky? Am I even real?

Visit Amarillo
Visit Amarillo via YouTube

For instance, the video refers to Palo Duro Canyon as the second largest hole in the ground in the U.S. I've done that. I've also pointed out that no one is really sure why we have half-buried cars out in the middle of a field, but we do.

It makes me worry.

My All Time Favorite Amarillo Commercial

This one wins. It's weird. It's unique. It hits the major points.

What is going on with that horse?

AI generated content is all built off of user input. You give it a prompt, and it spits out what it thinks you're wanting. It's far from perfect, especially when it comes to anything involving photos or videos. Still, it's a lot of fun and I can't quit watching this glorious abomination.

Hats off Visit Amarillo. You freakin' rock.

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This quirky and whimsical place is tucked away behind a fence off US-287N and Cherry Street. While it may seem like a head-scratcher at first, you'll soon find yourself drawn to the unique and memorable displays at Cookie Time.

Amarillo Landmarks: Negative Yelp Reviews

Yelp can be a strange and angry place. That's what I found out recently when I decided to sort the reviews by "lowest rating" first.

I was okay with the people upset over bad service and what not. But I came across a few reviews that, for lack of a better word, left me speechless in their scathing negative reviews on some of Amarillo's most iconic places. Prepare your self for plenty of head shaking and "I dunno" shrugs.

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