Amarillo, Texas is immortalized in country music. Yellow City has found its way into songs performed by everyone from Marty Robbins to George Strait. Recently, a video was uploaded to YouTube of a country song that has me asking a lot of questions. The main one being, when the hell did Amarillo get a Kroger?

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Why Is The Rockwell Country Band Singing About Kroger In Amarillo, Texas?

The video below caught my attention not because of the album art that looks like something from a Grand Theft Auto loading screen, but because of the title of the song. The title suggests that there is a Kroger in Amarillo, Texas. I'm here to tell you, there's not. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what's wrong with this song. Listen to it below.

Heads up, there's explicit language in the track.

While listening to the song "I Lost My Rattleskin Cowboy Boot At A Kroger In Amarillo, Texas", there were several things that caught my ear and raised some questions.

Who Is The Rockwell Country Band, And Are They Even Real?

On the surface, the instruments all It's almost like the type of music you'd hear when playing a game on a Super Nintendo back in the day. Either that or the album was recorded on a cassette and then transferred to digital via a tape player equipped with dying batteries.

The vocals sound like they've been auto-tuned into oblivion and at times feel insanely clumsy. There are several moments where the whole thing feels like it's been cut and pasted together...poorly. Which leads me to my theory.

Is This An AI Country Song Referencing Amarillo, Texas?

I have searched everywhere I know to look to see if I can get any information about the Rockwell Country Band and the Rockwell Music Group. All I've been able to find are places where you can listen to the album in its entirety.

With the way that everything is, it makes me wonder if this is an example of an AI-generated song. Somewhere is a possibly completely anonymous individual who either prompted this thing into existence or used AI to fill in whatever gaps were missing. Then there's the title of the song. What the hell is a "rattleskin"? Even the title seems AI-generated.

That's my theory, at least. It's hard to be sure with so little information given.

If This Is AI Music, Then It Sucks

If this is what we can expect from AI-generated music, I'm not a fan. I doubt many people are. Several times it sounds like the same song with just some lyrics changed. It gets old quickly. I'm pretty sure 90% of the album is the same song with only the lyrics changed.

The crude joke angle that the music takes is done better by so many other people. Wheeler Walker Jr. is the king of it. There's no finesse. There's no nuance. It sounds like someone's first try at songwriting using poorly produced karaoke tracks.

AI may be changing the world, but if this is what music sounds like after AI has gotten ahold of it, musicians and songwriters should feel safe.

If AI didn't touch this at all...then all I have to say is wow.

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