Sooner or later, every rock singer forgets a lyric or two on stage. But Coldplay singer Chris Martin has an excuse for his memory lapse on Sunday in Boston — he couldn’t stop thinking about the Summer Olympics going on in his home country.

As reported by Ace Showbiz, Martin stopped during the middle of ‘Warning Sign’ and drew laughs when he told the crowd, “Oh s—… I was thinking about the Olympics. I was distracted. I was not in the breakup frame of mind I needed to be in. I’m gonna get back into it. I’m gonna stop thinking about pole vaulting and things like that… The best concert in the world is happening right here, right now.”

Martin then dug his hole even deeper when he said, “F— the Olympics. Let’s have a f—ing great time in Boston!” As he started the song again, he realized his mistake and stopped to implore fans, “Please don’t tweet that I said ‘F— the Olympics.’ I didn’t mean it. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

While much of the world is mesmerized by the Olympic Games in London, the British foursome is wrapping up an American tour. The group was just nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards, one for ‘Paradise’ and two for the duet with Rihanna, ‘Princess of China.’

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