During the most recent episode of podcast Conversations with Maria Menounos, Demi Lovato's mom Dianna De La Garza celebrated Lovato's big accomplishment of being 90 days sober.

"Yes, she has 90 days [of sobriety]," disclosed De La Garza. "I couldn’t be more thankful or more proud of her because addiction being a disease, it’s work. It’s not easy. There are no short cuts.”

The podcast also revealed that De La Garza found out about her daughter's overdose after the news was shared in the media and people began to text her. "I was shocked and I was looking at my phone and I saw all these text messages coming in from all over...and the one text message that clued me in on what was going on said 'I just saw on TMZ and I'm so sorry,'" explained De La Garza. She initially believed Lovato had been in a car crash.

Menounos then asked if she was aware of the severity of Lovato's substance abuse issues before the overdose, given how Lovato even released the song "Sober" that clued everyone in on her battle with addiction. The singer's mom replied, "I knew that she wasn’t sober, but let me clarify. I didn’t know what she was doing….because she doesn’t live with me. She’s 26. I just knew that she wasn’t sober. And that’s all I really knew at that time.”

De La Garza also opened up about receiving the call from Lovato's assistant. "She said 'We're at the hospital' and then I knew she was not gone. And I said 'What's going on?' and the words that I heard are a nightmare for any parent."

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