Have you always dreamed of working with hot dogs? Would you like to get behind the wheel of a 27 foot long hot dog? Well, look no further. All of your hot dog dreams could come true. The world famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles are in need of drivers, or Hotdoggers, to tour around the country. There are 12 vehicles that tour the country and the company is currently look for full-time Hotdoggers to sign on for a 1-year position. Last year, one of the Wienermobiles came to Amarillo and I got to spend the afternoon riding around town. It is definitely a cool experience and something you won't soon forget.

Oscar Meyer is looking for applicants that have a BA or BS, majoring in marketing, advertising, communications, journalism, or public relations. If hired, you will travel all across the country in one of the Wienermobiles along with a partner Hotdogger. Your job will be as a brand ambassador for Oscar Mayer conducting appearances, events, and charity functions. You will also be contributing to the company's social media accounts as you are going town to town.

The perks of the job, or as they call them "condiments," include a competitive salary with expenses, benefits, and branded apparel, plus the experience of working public relations in a self-managed position. Lastly, you will be a mini-celebrity during your time as a Hotdogger!

Do you have what it takes to cut the mustard? CLICK HERE to apply.

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