There is nothing like sitting at your desk and starting the day by crying.  I had no idea when I opened this video to watch it that I would be drowning several Kleenexes.   If you love animals and you love a great rescue video then you will love this new Dr Pepper commercial.

Komondor dogs otherwise known as mop dogs are a very expensive breed of dog, that's why this commercial is so much harder to watch.  Why would anyone abandon a dog so beautiful.

All I can say is I love a good rescue story, even if it is just for a commercial.

Good job on bringing the feels.

On that same note, if you are looking to add a new pet to your home, I suggest adopting from the Amarillo SPCA.  Each week we feature a new pet up for adoption at the Amarillo SPCA.  Meet a few of these beauties here:



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