Last week, I wrote about the lack of Jack In The Box in Amarillo. We have Sod Poodles. Let's have monster tacos from Jack!

I know, you mistook the pic of me, for John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but I found a Jack In The Box! It's in Austin, but I found it, none the less. Someone around here either holds the franchise tag, or knows who does. The heart wants what it wants.

Yes, there are locations closer to Amarillo than Austin, but that disrupts my narrative. It does bear repeating, that the closest JITB's are ABQ, Dallas, OKC, and Midland/Odessa. Surely we can have one.

If you're out and about, and stop in a Jack In The Box, please send me a pic. This may become my quest for 2019, Securing a panhandle place for "monster" tacos, will be my legacy to the Yellow City.

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