Lake McClellan has been completely dry for several years.

The McClellan Creek National Grasslands are located south of Pampa, Texas. The park is run by the United States Forest Service, who says that the drying up and refilling of the lake is part of its ecological cycle.

According to officials, the rain in 2015 that brought most of the Texas Panhandle out of one of the worst droughts in history helped refill the lake.

The Forest Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife are working to fill the lake with fish for recreational use. There have also been plenty of skiers out on the lake this year.

The campsites at Lake McClellan are on a first-come, first-served basis and have been 90 percent full. If you're interested in taking a camping trip to the lake, check with the park service to make sure there are open spaces.

McClellan Creek, which feeds Lake McClellan and is a tributary of the Red River, was named for George McClellan, who ran for president against Abraham Lincoln in 1864. Of course, McClellan was unsuccessful and Lincoln was elected to a second term.

The lake was developed in the 1930's. It has gone dry many times over the past 80 years.

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