You can file this one away in the "weird questions you overhear before a meeting" file. A discussion raged over, one, whether or not knives were available for you to use with your meal at Mr. Gatti's. The second question made my brain do a hard reset.

Why doesn't Mr. Gatti's have knives?

Mr. Gatti's In Amarillo, Texas Is A Family Favorite

When it comes to places like this, the real judge of whether or not it's any good is your kid, or kids. We adults are free to have our own opinions, but they matter not. Gatti's wasn't made for us.

My kids love it. They sit in the dimly lit theater room and watch Disney while wolfing down the definitely-made-for-a-buffet style pizza. It's not that it's bad. It just wouldn't be my grown up pallet's first choice.

After they get their fill, we go and stomp around the arcade for a while. I have a nice collection of cards from Gatti's, all with a mystery balance.

Do They Really Not Have Knives At Mr. Gatti's?

I never really thought about it. If I'm going to cut up my slice of pizza or my salad, I just use the side of my fork.

That's called adapting and overcoming challenges.

But now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever used so much as a mega-dull butter knife at Gatti's. So, what's the deal with the knife embargo?

There's One Theory That Makes A Lot Of Sense...Maybe

Considering who the target audience is of Mr. Gatti's (again, adults, it's not us), I would have to assume that it could be chalked up to being a safety issue. You have a bunch of children running around, and parents doing their best to wrangle them.

It would be foolish to arm the little tykes, or give them something that could turn to tragedy should their laces come untied.

Perhaps my coworker just landed at the buffet at the exact moment that every knife in the building was being used. It's unlikely, but possible.

It is also possible that there are no knives. It's also possible that we could just not have the debate and use the side of our forks like the moderately evolved problem solving species we pretend to be.

Either way, it gives you something to keep an eye out for the next time you go.

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