Can we just admit it to ourselves? It sometimes is so hard to eat healthy. It's hard sometimes to know what is and isn't healthy.

Sometimes is no carbs, low carbs, high protein, no cheese but wait the Keto diet you can have cheese. What are you to do? I have been very impressed with the whole cauliflower trend.

I first tried it as a rice. I buy it in the freezer section at Market Street and just steam it. I substitute it in my chicken fried rice. Oh and you can't even tell that it is not actual rice. Cauliflower is the best.

Then it made it's way into other items. I mean carbs are yummy to eat but not really all that healthy. So when you can make those adjustments and get to eat those items you thought were off limit before it is really nice.

So I took to Facebook to find all the restaurants that have gone to the trend to find out where's the cauliflower. Some I have tried. Some I still need to. Here is the rundown.

Caluiflower rice can be found at both Chop Chop locations. They started out at just the Wolflin location but it was such a hit that now Coulter has it too. Pei Wei is another location that you can substitute the cauliflower rice. I have tried it at Chop Chop. I need to sample at Pei Wei next.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Let's move on to pizza. I mean when you are dieting it seems pizza is the first to go. Too many carbs in the crust. So you go from hand tossed or deep dish and do the adult thing and try thin crust to help.

It seems more and more places in Amarillo are offering this great lower carb option. The cauliflower crust. Some places even offer crustless. Yes, it is as delicious and low carb as it sounds. It is just piled on toppings baked and you eat it with a fork and knife.

Cauliflower pizza crust with tomato and spinach
Credit: Thinkstock

I have tried it at Palio's. I also know that Fireslice offers it that way too. They bot also have a broccoli and cheese crust. Pizza crust has come a long way baby.

So the pizza places that offer cauliflower crust (besides the two I mentioned) include Mr Gatti's, Pizza Planet, La Bella, 575, 1000 Degrees, Pescaraz (coming soon) and Barrel & Pie in Canyon.

I also heard from a place called Bomb City Kitchen that offers a few different dishes that substitute cauliflower for the carbs. They even have tamales that incorporate cauliflower in the masa.

When I was gathering all of this information I was reminded about this fact with all the cauliflower crust phenomenon

You really need to check with all the restaurants that are serving cauliflower crust, most of them contain rice flour & are very high in carbs. A true cauliflower crust has very few carbs making it Keto & Paleo friendly. - Vickie

Is there any on the list that I missed? If so comment below.

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